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ARCHER CRM Partnership's Project Manager Dana Evaschuk in the news -  A recent article in the Prince George Citizen  about upcoming Archer fieldwork in Prince George.

ARCHER CRM Partnership Fort St John Project Manager Jule Cowie Visits Local Schools   - As part of Science World's Scientists and Innovators in the Schools Program (SIS) Julie discusses Archaeology with the students with a focus on Northern BC. Students learn how archaeologists identify locations for potential archaeological sites and partake in hands on activities, such as learning how to identify flakes and flint knapping. Other visits include discussions on bones, both human and animal, to find out what archaeologists can learn from bones. Beyond just looking at what people ate, students learn about environment, nutrition, disease, and tools. ARCHER’s involvement with Science World in this endeavor highlights the need for grass roots education that promotes recognition and awareness of Canada’s rich cultural heritage while introducing Science as a viable option as a future career.

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ARCHER CRM Partnership Vanderhoof Recent Artifacts of Note 



Basalt biface.

Basalt Biface

Obsidian biface.

Obsidian Biface

Midsection of a chert knife.

Midsection Of A Chert Knife